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Recyclable packaging for Italian potatoes

Futuragri societa agricola s.s.

The potato group Futurargi from Cesena in Italy comes with a new packaging for 1.5 kg of potatoes. “We grow about 5,000 tons of potatoes a year and this happens within a few kilometres of our processing facility. We have decided to pack our potatoes in a yellow bag so that it attracts the attention of the consumer. The bag is made of paper and cellulose hydrate, or 100% recyclable material,” says co-owner Giampiero Valdinoci.


The new packaging

The paper of the packaging comes from certified forests and is 100% recyclable (Aticelca Standard 501/19 – in Class A – UNI 11743). The transparent window is made of cellulose hydrate, a material of plant origin. What is also interesting for the consumer is that this new packaging makes it possible to trace the origin of the potatoes.


Giampiero Valdinoci

“The paper extends the shelf life of the potatoes, which effectively contributes to the reduction of food waste,” says Valdinoci.


The potatoes are of the Vitalia variety and have a size ranging between 55 and 75. The quality is very high, which is an effect of the low rain that has fallen and the absence of hail and thunderstorms.

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Published date: 25 Sep 2020

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