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More German farmers are buying land in the Netherlands

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German farmers are increasingly buying agricultural land in the Dutch border region. LTO Noord, Achterhoek Oost department, considers this an undesirable development, but says there is little it can do about it.

For broker Bennie Hummelink of RGO Makelaars from Winterswijk it is not an unknown story. This spring he was involved in some plots of land belonging to (stopped) farmers in the outskirts of Winterswijk that were sold to German colleagues. According to him, it is something of the last year that Germans show enthusiasm for land in the Netherlands. The broker has his work area in the municipalities of Winterswijk, Aalten, Oost-Gelre and Berkelland.

If a farmer in the outskirts of Winterswijk offers land for sale, there is a good chance that the enthusiasm will also come from across the border. The biggest cause for this, according to him, is the price difference. “For the land that I sold this spring, more than 75,000 to 80,000 euros was paid. Normally, the price for agricultural land in Meddo and Huppel is around 60,000 to 65,000 euros. The differences are big. We do not mediate in real estate in Germany, but German farmers indicate that more than 100,000 euros per hectare is paid there. So they can buy land here relatively cheaply. ”

Read the full article in the Vee & Gewas on Saturday 7 November

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