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How to get rid of a 100-ton boulder from the field?

field stone

Some Polish farmers face the difficulties of growing semazed soils on a daily basis. Sometimes they come across medium specimens, sometimes large specimens weighing up to 100 tonnes. What then to do to get rid of them?

The farmer from Königskov, gm. Witkowo, came across the find. Just below the surface of the earth, he noticed a stone that, as it later turned out, “slightly” deviate from other specimens found on the farm.

Special crane

The first mention of this adventure can be found less than 2 years ago on the YouTube platform, and their author is President Kamilos. For the extraction of a colossus weighing about 100 t, the farmer engaged a special crane, which slowly brought the stone to the surface of the earth. Then it turned out that it has 16 m in circumference!

First failed attempt

At that time, the first attempt was made to drag the stone from the farmland. For this purpose, railway rails were prepared, after which the boulder was to be transported by agricultural tractors.

As it turned out later, 7 tractors and a fadroma, generating a total of 1900 hp, postponed the stone by only a few cm. It became clear that this way it would not be possible to take the unwanted guest out of the field. Below is a video of this action:

Another attempt

After almost two years, farmers approached the topic again, this time using a decidedly more imaginative way. The amount of equipment needed for the whole action was greatly reduced: this time it was decided to use two Fendt agricultural tractors and two telehandlers: Manitou and Claas.

This time the stone was placed on a special platform with wheels. The whole took place on railway rails arranged on road plates. After dragging the platform, the chargers moved more plates forward, adding more rails, and thus the stone covered the next meters.


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