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Air purification

Whether while preparing potato and onion packing, wood processing or the manufacturing of charcoal briquettes, dirt and dust particles are generated during every production process even when the most modern machinery is used. The maximum exposure of workers to dust is subject to specific EU regulations. Complying with these regulations is a major challenge but it is nevertheless extremely important as excessive exposure can damage health. By using our air purification system you will always comply with these regulations; clean air also ensures better and more pleasant working conditions in your production bays and warehouses.

The purification system we supply, operates during the entire production process and so effectively and consistently combats exposure to dust. It prevents contamination of packaging materials and products awaiting packaging. This process sucks the dust and dirt particles out of the air and through a pipe. Inside the cleaning tower the particles are bound and flushed out of the air with the aid of water mist and a filtration process. The clean air is then let out. At the same time this purification method replenishes the humidity in the air. This type of air purification extracts no heat from the building and therefore introduces no cold air into the building from outside. It is so easy to install the air purifiers that you will be able to do this yourself. Upmann is the only company supplying this patented air purification system. We offer specially customised solutions for your use – for all sizes of businesses from farming to industrial packaging companies working for the foodproduct trade.

Have we evoked your interest? Then do contact us for further information. We would be happy to advise you in detail about the components you need to comply with the statutory values in your factory.

Click here to download the mode of operation and description of the TLV 3000 and TLV 5000.

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