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Agromediterránea and Patatas Meléndez se unite to distribute Sun&Vegs

● Melendez potato experience in distribution will help expand
Sun & Vegs in the center of the peninsula.
● Agromediterranea thus guarantees the freshness, quality and service of its
products daily.

Agromediterranea and Patatas Melendez, two of the largest companies in their as of October, they establish a commercial relationship between the which Sun&Vegs products will be distributed exclusively on Mercamadrid by Melendez Potatoes. Agromediterranea, leader in the production of vegetables, vegetables and herbs fresh consumption, continues its progression in the domestic market to through its brand Sun & Vegs. The company, always focused on offering the best quality, its main mission is to reach as many households as possible. To this end, a new commercial relationship has been initiated with Patatas Melendez, the vallisoletana company leader in the fresh potato sector, which has three distribution stands ‘Meléndez Market ‘ in Mercamadrid, raised as entrance door to the Horeca canal and to small and medium trade. This synergistic relationship between the two companies will make it possible for Patatas Melendez distribute exclusively in Mercamadrid the products of Sun & Vegs of i range, es say, whole pieces of fresh produce such as zucchini, corn, radishes and
a wide variety of lettuce, – among which stand out the iceberg, Roman and the buds -, which will complete the assortment already offered in their facilities. Jesús Gómez, director of Agromediterránea, says: “The Sun&Vegs product it stands out for its high quality, careful presentation and variety of formats. The deliveries will be daily so that the freshness of the product is always the
service is guaranteed at all times.” Together with a highly respected operator in the sector as Melendez potatoes, Agromediterránea seeks to generate trust in its customers. In addition, enlargement
the range of products will greatly facilitate purchases, especially to those traditional channel professionals, being able to centralize them in a single provider and this will increase efficiency in procurement. For its part Melendez, which has a 19.1% market share, through this alliance strengthens its positioning in fresh products and increases its offer with new assortment for your customers.

Comprehensive product and supply solutions

Agromediterránea has an assortment consisting of more than 30 varieties of lettuce, vegetables and herbs, and through its own brand Sun & Vegs BIO offers a line of organic products, to be able to give solutions to a growing consumer segment. In addition to agricultural products of the highest quality and freshness, Agromediterranea develops global solutions adapted to the needs of each customer and market, offering from the product and packaging format, up to specialized distribution and logistics services. From its production located in Dolores de Pacheco (Murcia) are made about 500 different references, adapted to different formats and packaging. In addition, Jesús Gómez adds “ ” Agromediterránea offers formats and products specific for channels such as Food Service, as well as crops intended for IV industry range (processing), with varieties such as the tender shoots of
batavia Roja baby, Batavia verde baby, lollo rosso baby, arugula and spinach baby, between
other”. The company, which distributes its products both to supermarket chains national as well as international, it is present with its assortment in 25 markets in all of Europe.
About us: Agromediterránea has more than 20 years of experience in the production and
distribution of direct vegetables from the field. The company is integrated into Foodiverse, an agri-food group based in Spain, leader in food healthy. The different business units of Foodiverse offer a wide range of fresh and healthy products, from direct vegetables from the field, salads and fresh produce ready to eat or cook, baby food, smoothies or vegetable alternatives to yogurt. Its goal is to bring the healthy revolution to current consumer, helping you maintain a balanced diet with products
they allow you to enjoy the day to day, anytime and anywhere. Foodiverse has a team of more than 2,500 people and in the last year it achieved a total turnover of 324 million euros. In addition,
it has a powerful industrial network consisting of 9 processing centers in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, of which seven are IV range, one agricultural and one of infant feeding.
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