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Grimme Varitron 470 with Multisep used for the last potatoes (video)


Vedelaar contractor from Nagele harvested the last 2 hectares of Lady Anna from arable farmer Harry Schreuder from Swifterbant. These potatoes were lifted with a Grimme Varitron 470 equipped with Multisep, an extra cleaner that can get the potatoes out of the ground (reasonably) clean under harsh conditions.

 The harvest was difficult, says Schreuder. “We had a lot of rainfall in this area in mid-August. With the precipitation of October, grubbing up did not go so fast. In the beginning, we harvested here with our own Grimme harvester. It also has wheel drive. ” Vedelaar helped Schreuder with the last hectares. “So that we had the potatoes out before the rain.”

Schreuder is satisfied with the quality. “Hardly any rot and they came into custody with few small ones.” He estimates the yield at approximately 60 tons gross per hectare.


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