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Practice Centre becomes Farm of the Future

Practice centre for Precision Agriculture at Van den Borne Potatoes in Reusel should grow into a Brabant Farm of the Future. Several parties spoke out on this last week.

The province of North Brabant wants to accelerate the transition to circular agriculture. In this she sees an important role for the (farmers) practice. According to the provincial government, the innovations must be developed and introduced there. An important role is played by the Practice Centre for Precision Agriculture at Van den Borne Potatoes in Reusel.

The province of North Brabant, the Ministry of LNV, Wageningen University & Research and ZLTO recently met to discuss the further development of this practice centre into a Brabant Farm of the Future.

New technologies

In a Farm of the Future, farmers work together with policy makers, knowledge institutions, agrofood chain parties and the high-tech business. New cultivation systems, methods and technologies are being tested and demonstrated to make them more quickly and more readily available for practice.

Issues often arise in the areas of water and soil, restoration of natural values and biodiversity in agriculture, maximum use of residual flows and how to deal with excess and water shortages.

Local context

According to depute Elies Lemkes-Straver (agriculture and nature), the entire food chain is improving through cooperation. ‘At the Farm of the Future, we work in their own local context on the maturing of innovations. Suppliers, start-ups and knowledge institutions are challenged to come up with answers to the questions from the sector.’

Annie de Veer, Director of Strategy, Knowledge and Innovation at LNV, spoke at the meeting of a beautiful initiative in which both sustainability aspects and high-tech solutions play an important role. ‘There is clearly a lot of knowledge below the rivers. Jacob van den Borne takes a good look at how you can also make innovations and developments profitable.’