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Potato processing September plus still light

The Dutch potato processors processed 318,700 tonnes of potatoes in September to 146,600 tonnes of pre-baked product and 25,000 tonnes of other products. That's a slight plus compared to August.

This is shown by the processing figures of the Association for the Potato Processing Industry (Vavi).

The processing has continued the way up for a while. In particular, the pre-baked product was made free fall by Covid-19 this spring. Production in February was still 152,300 tonnes, in March it dropped to 130,900 tonnes. April was the low point with 71,300 tons.

Then the processing slowly picked up again. The quantities are not yet comparable to, for example, last year. At that time, total production from February to September was between 318,000 and close to 346,000 tonnes per month. The big question is how the current closure of the hospitality industry in connection with the Covid-19 measures will affect the figures that follow.


The quantity of other products has been more stable, hovering around 25,000 tonnes in February at 27,200 tonnes, 25,500 tonnes in March and also in April at 20,200 tonnes.

In the last 12 months – October 2019 to September 2020 – the potato processing industry processed 3.47 million tonnes of potatoes. That is a minus of more than 383,000 tonnes compared to the same period in 2018-2019.


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