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How to dispose of canisters, pickles and expired pesticides

How to dispose of canisters, pickles and expired pesticides

In November, the plant protection product return and disposal (PRE) system collects expired agricultural chemicals again. At eight locations in Germany, unusable plant protection products or canisters are taken back for €2.95 per kg or l plus VAT.

The plant protection products that have become unusable include, for example, residues that may no longer be used in Germany because the authorisation has expired or they are no longer applicable. Plasticcanisters and chemicals can also be disposed of via the system.

The pollutant mobiles at the collection points absorb a maximum of 1 t per supplier.

These agricultural chemicals are being taken back

The return costs 2,95 Euro/kg or l plus VAT. Payment must be made by invoice. The identity card must be brought along. An original takeover certificate is issued as proof of waste disposal.

For example, the system can be used to dispose of:

  • unusable plant protection products
  • Cleaning agents, waste oils
  • Canisters, loaded filters
  • Fertilizer
  • Colors
  • Pickling, pickled seeds
  • Arsenic, mercury or phosphide containing agents must be delivered separately

Both commercial and private users can release the chemicals. The collections are carried out by THE company RIGK GmbH, Wiesbaden. Information on the free phone number 0800/3086001 or on the Internet.

These are the dates for the 2020 collection period

The agricultural chemicals are collected from 8:00 to 16:00 or 17:00 at the following locations at the following locations.

DatePlaceCollection point
03.11.202067678 Mehlingen  Jakob Becker EntsorgungsGmbH
03.11.202085107 Baar-EbenhausenGSB Special Waste Disposal GmbH
04.11.202031249 Hohenhameln-MehrumRWG Osthannover eG
09.11.20225524 ItzehoeTrede & by PeinGmbH
10.11.202079206 Breisach Remondis Industrial Service
18.11.202050171 KerpenSchönmackers Environmental Services
25.11.202004838 EilenburgBayWa AG
25.11.202017192 GoodsHaGe Nord AG

How to safely dispose of expired plant protection products

Verlauf der Anzahl von Sammelstellen und Rücklauf in Tonnen von Pflanzenschutzmitteln in Deutschland
© IVA Thus, the return and disposal of plant protection products developed between 2013 and 2019.

The system for the return and disposal of plant protection products (PRE) was launched in 2013 by the Industry Association Agrar e. V. (IVA) as a sustainability initiative.

Since then, approximately

  • 247 t of plant protection products which have become unusable from
  • 1,690 suppliers disposed of

With the previous projects, since 2006 there have been approximately

  • 793 t of agricultural chemicals totalling over
  • 10 000 suppliers.

Withdrawal reduces potential risks from improper storage, use and disposal of plant protection products by trade and agriculture. The chemicals are taken to special waste incineration plants after collection. This is intended to ensure environmentally sound disposal.

Return empty canisters at 380 collection points

In addition, the collection season 2020 of the Packmittel-Rücknahme Agrar (Pamira), the disposal system for residual emptying plant protection and liquid fertilizer packaging, is running. It will take place in 2020 at 380 collection points nationwide.

In 2019, the Pamira Action had used a total of 2,955 t of empty packaging of plant protection products and other agricultural chemicals in an environmentally friendly manner. According to the IVA, the highest response rate to date was 80 percent.


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