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Post control of seed potatoes almost completed: 29 percent lowered in class

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The post-inspection of seed potatoes is coming to an end. The reduction percentage fell slightly to 29 percent. The regional differences remain large, according to figures from the NAK.

Right from the start of the follow-up, the regions differ widely when it comes to the results of the follow-up. In North II (East Groningen / Drenthe / Overijssel), 37 percent has been reduced in class so far. The reduction percentage is also relatively high in the south: 32 percent. On the clay in Groningen and Friesland (North I), 27 percent was reduced in class during the follow-up check, in the Central region this is 29 percent.

Nationally, 38.4 percent has been reduced in class in the PB class. There are also major differences per region in this respect.

The investigation has so far not revealed any infections of brown or ring rot.

The follow-up check is in the final phase; there are still a few hundred batches that have not yet been sampled. This means that the follow-up control went well beyond expectations, says technical coordinator Jeroen Winkelhorst of the NAK. Initially, the capacity of the NAK for potato tuber research was limited as a result of the corona measures. 


The inspection service therefore focused (almost) entirely on the mandatory examinations. The laboratory has managed to eliminate the backlogs. post-inspection of seed potatoes

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