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Pope: increasing volume and quality is possible with new fertilization technologies

One of the main challenges of the paper industry in Argentina is to meet the growing quality demands of the industry. To help the producer meet these goals, Norwegian company Yara launched the RicaPapa solution, which incorporates novel tools to facilitate farmers’ access to new fertilization technologies. The tests carried out show evidence of significant increases in the productivity of more and better healthier and more uniform potatoes, which translate into greater profitability for the producer.

RicaPapa aims to reduce the percentage of rejections and discards of the trading potato. This is important considering the challenges facing the producer today: producing profitably, in a volatile market when marketed in local currency and based on a very risky crop in terms of pest and disease control.

The tests were conducted during the last campaign and evaluated the response from different nitrogen sources.

The Norwegian fertilizer company will present its nutritional quality program and an innovative digital platform for producers.

The program provides advice and professional training to producers in the critical stages of cultivation, an analysis of the factors affecting production and, above all, proper nutrition of the crop, essential to meet the yield potential in each area. To do this, RicaPapa is based on three pillars: Experience and Support, the company has more than 110 years of experience in the development of nutritional plans; Abundance and Safety, several fertilizer lines that allow to reach the yield potential of the crop; and Reliable Information,offers a distribution chain and technical advisors for the paper industry. Within this pillar is also the Yara Champions recognition program, which seeks to reward those producers who carry out a correct and sustainable management.

“All the data we obtained from field trials show that the solution increases performance by up to 20% and reduces rejections and discards by up to 10%, being sustainable over time,” says agronomial engineer Josefina Omaña, South Region Marketing Coordinator at Yara Argentina. In this sense, RicaPapa is the result of Yara’s commitment to the development and transfer of knowledge.

Thanks to the accompaniment of agronomic experts in the different stages, the paperes receive reliable information to maximize the quality, productivity and profitability of their harvest. This new solution promotes the application of best nutrition practices, which help minimize risk and protect the environment.


Potato is a superfood and the world’s leading horticultural crop. About 80,000 hectares are planted in Argentina and is considered a fundamental axis of the economy. It is a traditional diet food for Argentinians and about 60 kilos per year is consumed per person.

Offering alternatives that positively impact and generate real opportunities for progress for potato producers will translate into better results for both them and the local economy,generating more jobs and in turn meeting the demand for a product consumed by more than 45 million Argentines.